9 Tips and Tricks for Natural-Looking & Shiny Nails

Susan J.
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July 22, 2020
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Everyone wants to have shiny, smooth, and natural-looking nails and show them with confidence. However, the beautiful nails usually do not come on their own but require thorough nail care. Would you like to know how to give your nails a natural and healthy shine? Find out in our tips how to get nails that you can proudly present!

Tip 1 - Nail hygiene

According to https://reviewnails.com/, for beautiful nails that can be shown, nail hygiene is essential and should take up a significant part of your care routine. Regular cleaning and filing are important so that no bacteria can spread under the nails and they do not break off, which can occur with frequent contact with water. [1] Regularly disinfect your care products (e.g. nail scissors) to prevent bacteria. Also, don't share your nail hygiene products with others.

Tip 2 - Do not cut the cuticles

The cuticle is active tissue and it is important not to damage it. Do not cut off cuticles as they are a protective wall against fungi and bacteria. If protection is lost, infections can affect the nail bed and lead to permanent damage to the nail. Instead, carefully use a cuticle pusher.

Tip 3 - Don't chew on your nails

Nail-biting is a habit that can seriously damage your nails. Chewing fingernails also means that you have to file your nails over and over to keep them smooth. This will make them shorter than you want. In addition, it just doesn't look good: neither the nail-biting nor the nails themselves.

Tip 4 - Don't use your fingernails as tools

Your nails are not tools. Even if your fingernails e.g. have the sticker scraped off quickly if you don't do it too often. Avoid further damage and unnecessary wear and tear by using specially designed tools. The next time you open letters, parcels, or other packaging, it is better to use scissors or a knife.

Tip 5 - Nail files

Nail files help you gently shorten and smooth your fingernails. When used, the nail file picks up the fine dust that arises when filing. In addition, you can easily remove the dirt that is under the fingernails with a nail file to avoid nail problems. Regular filing, smoothing, and polishing, for example with the a nail care system, that will give you beautiful nails in no time! Don't forget to clean or replace the nail file regularly.

Tip 6 - Your nails are dry? Drink more water

Do your nails look dry and brittle? Maybe that's because you just don't drink enough water. If your nails are too soft, it could be because they come into contact with water too often. The care oil also helps in these cases.

How often should you use nail care oil? This decision depends on your preference. You can apply the nail oil weekly or daily before going to bed. If you use hand disinfectants frequently, it can also help to use the oil twice a day. Regardless of the frequency of use, it is important that you let the care oil soak in for some time. To get a great end result, you should apply the oil after using a nail care system.

Tip 7 - Wear gloves

Protecting your nails against excessive liquids and chemicals is another important element of nail care. If your hands come into contact with water frequently, this can soften your nails. To protect your nails and cuticles against these external influences, you should wear gloves when doing household chores.

Tip 8 - Ingrown nails? That can be prevented

The following applies particularly to the toenails: avoid round shapes. File them rather rectangular and not too short. Ingrown nails can heal on their own if the nail grows. Don't cut anything off! This exacerbates the problem and can lead to infections. If you have difficulty, you should see a doctor.

Tip 9 - Watch your diet

Your diet can also affect the condition and appearance of your nails. Antioxidants, such as those found in blueberries, protect your body cells and thus the cells of your nails.

Tip 10 - Come to our salon and we'll take care of everything :)

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