How to safely remove your cuticles at home

Susan J.
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June 20, 2020
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Where is the cuticle located?

In the nail root is the matrix of nail formation. The nail, which is made of keratin, pushes forward towards the fingertip. The area of ​​skin on which the nail plate rests is called the nail bed. The nail is closed at the side and at the root by the nail wall, which also hides the visible circumstances of the nail plate.

The cuticle is the fine skin that belongs to the closest nail wall. You need the right to be pushed out of the nail from the root. If this fine skin is removed, fungi can penetrate into the nail bed, adorable, and deformities on the nails are the result.

Easy care with hand cream and nail oil

It is important to keep the cuticle supple so that it cannot do much. If you do not have any major problems with dry and cracked cuticles, you should usually apply a little cream on your hands. If various hand creams are massaged around the fingernails, the cuticles remain supple. For the extra portion of care - especially in winter - nail oil can be massaged in from time to time.

Cuticles associated with dryness and cracks require more attention to remain supple. Nail oil refers to exercise per week to be applied. A deer tallow stick from the pharmacy or a simple lip care stick is sure to ensure that the cuticles are cared for quickly. With this, you can deal with the drying of places without the palms or fingertips becoming greasy.

Do not cut back the cuticles!

Never cut the cuticles back with scissors during the manicure. The result is rampant and dry cuticles that tend to be redeemed. Nibbling or plucking the skin can also lead to overgrowth. When thickened cuticles are heard, a vicious cycle begins: the skin proliferates, is removed, and is closely followed. Cracks and igniters can result.

Daily cuticle care after showering

The best protection against nail bed inflammation is a healthy and intact cuticle. Nursing is generally not complex and can become a routine nursing routine. It is often safe to push back the cuticles softened by showering or bathing with a towel. Happens to keep the cuticles in better shape and lose them.

The cuticles must be soaked beforehand. This means applying a cuticle remover or bathing of the fingertips in lukewarm water. The nail polish should always be removed before the cuticle care with the best nail polish remover you can find.. After getting up, the cuticles are gently pushed back with a rosewood stick. Alternatively, you can include a horse suit. It is a manicure utensil with a lost rubber tip. Its use is particularly gentle on the cuticles. Sharp-edged tool shafts such as nail files or scissors are taboo for pushing back the cuticles since they do the fine cuticle actions. Finally, nail oil is massaged into and around the nail plate.

Tip: put the manicure and cuticle care in the evening and finally apply a thick hand cream to your hands. Put on thin cotton gloves overnight. Allergy gloves from the pharmacy are well hit. With this hand pack, you increase the nourishing effect and feel for extra soft skin. In addition, look at the suppleness of the cuticles, this their protective function.

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