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Classic manicure:

Your natural nails are shortened and filed according to your personal desired shape. Then you get a nice warm hand bath to soften the cuticles. Then your cuticles are gently pushed back and removed if necessary. Finally, the fringes that can arise when filing is removed with a sand leaf file, and the hands are given a rich moisturizer.

For the classic manicure, we use professional tools like nail buffers and files, nail hardeners, and so on.

Uv Shellac / Uv Gellack:

This is a great alternative to standard nail polishing. The UV Shellac or UV gel polish is applied like ordinary nail polish with the only difference that it is cured under a UV lamp. As a result, the varnish adheres to the nails for up to 3 weeks without splintering or scratching.

You can have the UV Shellac polished on your fingernails or on your toenails.

Gel modeling and natural nail reinforcement:

Your natural nails are built up with gel to gain stable and unbreakable nails for up to 4-6 weeks. Depending on the service, you can choose whether you want an artificial extension with tips or a template or maintain your natural length.

You can choose your preferred color from over 100 colors.

It is advisable to come to the refill after 4 weeks to avoid breaking off the artificial nail.

Wellness manicure:

With this service, you get a manicure (see classic manicure) and paraffin treatment (see paraffin treatment) as a set.

Paraffin treatment:

You can book this treatment either individually or as a set (see wellness manicure).

Your hands will feel pure and clean afterward. It starts with the pleasantly subtle scented hand peeling that gently removes dead skin from your skin and makes it noticeably smoother. This allows the hand mask that is applied afterward to penetrate better and release more moisture.

After briefly massaging the mask, the hands are dipped in warm paraffin wax. After several dips, these layers of wax cover your skin like a covering. Due to the heat accumulation, the pores open and the previously applied active ingredients can penetrate the skin even better. After 15-20 minutes of exposure, the paraffin is simply stripped off and voilà - wonderfully beautiful, well-groomed hands.


The refill is the service after the modeling. The offspring becomes very visible after 4 - 6 weeks, looks unnatural and stability is no longer guaranteed. This removes part of the old model in order to be able to model new material.

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